DiMa Opening 19.09 at Design Night

Fashion from here and there around the globe. Official launch of DiMa XVII Design Night "Green-Being. WTF?" September 19 at 20:00.

For many years, a circular design cell has been working in the dark corridors of the Estonian Academy of Arts. Doing research, creating new materials, mapping waste and recycling it in various ways through design. Experimenting with innovative designs and looking for sustainable ways to create new products. 19 September is finally the day when the Sustainable Design and Materials Lab, or DiMa, will step up to the spotlight and make it official. It's the opening of DiMa.

On stage, you'll see fashion designs made from both the leftovers of large-scale production and the post-consumer waste that has travelled the world as trash more times than any avid hiker could dream of. As one of DiMa's research areas is circular design, or more specifically, value recovery and recycling, it is the clothes made using these methods that will be seen on stage. A large amount of textile waste is recycled through design.

Dr. Reet Aus
Cärol Ott
Sandra Luks
Kristel Aimee Laur
Marta Konovalov
Maria Kristiin Peterson
Yvette Agani
Bibi Mwanzala
Lois Wangari
Olivia Njeri
TOKU shoes

The musical atmosphere is created by Lauri Lest, who through minimalist melodies and soundscapes creates states of mind intertwined with danceability, melancholy and a longing for the depths of the emotional world. There are nostalgic tones that look to the past and sometimes dystopian, sometimes hopeful sounds of the future. The past and the yet only imagined come together in the present.

Moeshow's hairstyling partner is hair care brand Nine Yards.

More information on the XVII Design Night programme.

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The event is supported by the Environmental Investment Centre and co-financed by the European Regional Development Fund.