Trash To Trend Studio in Tallinn

As part of the Tallinn European Green Capital 2023 programme, the Trash to Trend repair and circular design studio, which focuses on extending the lifespan of clothing and footwear and sustainable consumption, was opened at Müürivahe 17 on 9 May. The Trash to Trend repair studio was opened in Tallinn in cooperation with EKA's Sustainable Design & Materials Lab DiMa, Anu Rieberg & Reet Aus clothing brands, shoes cleaning company CLEANSTEP and support from Tallinn Green capital Initiative of the European Commission.

The studio offers the opportunity to bring in your clothes for repair and redesign, and to come and learn simple repair techniques under the guidance of skilled professionals.

Recycling textile products is an important step towards a circular economy model, and repair, reuse and value-added recycling are environmentally sustainable methods that help achieve sustainable consumption. In addition to the repair service, Trash to Trend regularly organises workshops where specialists in their field, such as Reet Aus, Anu Rieberg, designers from the Estonian Academy of Arts, Cleanstep and others, share their knowledge on repairing, maintaining and redesigning clothing and footwear.

"With the new studio, our aim is to show that a quality product, through care and appreciation, stays in circulation for a long time and thus serves its owner for decades. As Vivienne Westwood said: 'Buy less, choose carefully and make it yourself'," explains Reet Aus, one of the initiators of the project, designer and senior researcher at the Estonian Academy of Arts.

The Trash to Trend studio is an important step on Tallinn's path towards a more sustainable future, develops community action and gives us all the opportunity to participate in bringing the circular economy to life and promoting environmentally sustainable consumption.

The studio will be officially opened on 18 May at Müürivahe 17, Tallinn.

The first workshops will already take place on 20 and 27 May, more information can be found on .

The project partners are Tallinn European Green Capital 2023,Reet Aus, Anu Rieberg, EKA Sustainable Design and Materials Lab and CLEANSTEP.

Trash to Trend repair studio

Müürivahe 17, Tallinn
Open Mon-Fri 11.00-19.00

More information:

Krislyn Valtson

Reet Aus Marketing Manager

Anu Rieberg
Founder and Designer

Reet Aus
Reet Aus founder and head designer

Arte Ermel
CLEANSTEP founder and cleaning expert

Anna Lohmatova
Project Manager, DiMa Lab, Estonian Academy of Arts