In the spring of 2021, the Sustainable Design and Materials Lab of the EKA, in collaboration with the Kumu Art Museum, conducted a course on "Sustainable Design", which aimed to create a personalised series for the KUMU's range of commemorative objects, using scrap materials used in exhibition designs and advertisements.

The students took a creative and personal approach to prolong the life of existing materials and find a new purpose and use for them through upcycling. The unique products include board games, textiles and DIY kits - in other words, lots of exciting things.

The KUMUpcycled project focused on leftover promotional materials, but a similar approach can be used in the future at the end of each exhibition, aiming to make the most of the materials used to set up the exhibitions to create new designs and forms.

Students: Riina Samelselg, Tiina Aavik, Getter Tamme, Maarit Brit Tanni

Project managers: Reet Aus, Harri Moora