Fashion for Change

Since January 2021, DiMa has participated in the international project Fashion For Change, which aims to increase the sustainability of the European fashion industry.

The Fashion For Change (F4C) project targets small businesses, fashion designers and start-ups interested in finding a specialised market niche through responsible and environmentally sustainable products. These are the companies that are flexible and innovative enough to respond quickly to market changes

The project will provide technical and financial support to small businesses, designers and start-ups in the EU fashion industry to facilitate the transition to an innovative and sustainable circular economy. According to the principles of the circular economy in the fashion industry, products should be designed with resource efficiency, non-toxicity, biodegradability and recyclability in mind. Preference should be given to reusable resources and ethical practices in production. With these principles in mind, it is possible to create a situation in which the whole life cycle of a product does not have such a high negative environmental and social impact.

F4C is initiated and funded by the EU COSME programme. The three-year project will involve ideas and activities aimed at significantly reducing the negative environmental and social impacts of the European fashion industry through the development of competitive innovative business models. For the selected participants, the project will offer a six-month growth programme starting in the second half of summer 2022. It will be a 1-year programme offering participants a mentoring programme, international networking, practical methods to implement circular design, and financial support to achieve their projects and objectives.

It is a 1-year programme that provides participants with a mentoring programme, international networking, practical methods to implement circular design and financial support to achieve their projects and goals.The Estonian Academy of Arts is responsible for the organisation of the 8-month growth programme, which is divided into two parts: a 6-month mentoring programme focused on circular design and sustainability and a 2-month mentoring programme focused on business development. Experts will be brought together from different fields: innovation and start-ups, circular economy and sustainability, finance and entrepreneurship, and fashion design. This will ensure a broad-based and far-reaching support for programme participants. The programme is expected to result in the creation of a range of international sustainable fashion ideas, influence consumer behaviour and make policy recommendations to have a broad impact on society.

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In addition to EKA, the project partners are (Belgium), MB Kalistos Partneriai (Lithuania), Civitta Eesti (Estonia), OÜ Singleton Group (Estonia).