Transform4Europe has united ten European universities with the aim of training the next generation of leaders who can solve today's biggest societal challenges such as climate change, globalization, social problems and the effects of the pandemic.

The program provides access to cutting-edge knowledge and opportunities for research and promotes education that can influence the regional, national and global future.

Transform4Europe joins the efforts of universities to prepare a new generation of highly qualified European leaders who can sustain the environment responsibly and promote the education of the future.

DiMa Lab contributes to the work package of the Green University
The leader of this work package is the Estonian Academy of Arts, and the contributors are several other universities across Europe. The main goal of the project is to promote green university life by creating a unified green identity and implementing best practices. In the course of the project, a manual for green university life will be prepared, within the framework of which an action plan for green skills will be developed.
An expert group has been created for the Green University project, which will develop a green university framework and help implement the green university certificate in all partner universities.
In addition, environmental awareness training is organized and a green university e-course is being developed.

The annual student competitions "T4EU Green Transformer" are held as summer or winter schools, offering students the opportunity to present their green projects and win prizes. There is also a T4EU garden challenge where students at each university create a garden using local resources.

Project objectives and impact
The project aims to raise awareness and promote the adoption of common best practices. It also tries to reduce the environmental footprint of partner institutions and increase student mobility and involvement in the green transformation.

Within the project, the objective is to create a stronger sense of the T4EU community, promoting cohesion and cooperation between different European universities.

At the end of the project, the goal is to achieve a significant reduction in the environmental footprint, increase student awareness and participation in green change, and strengthen the connection and identity of the T4EU community.